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About Masquerade

It’s Dr M’s favourite question. ‘After 22 years and thousands of events, don’t you ever get bored doing the same thing?’ Well, no, because no two events are ever alike. Dr M’s stock in trade is original productions on every scale – from completely scripted and staged thematic treatments to the odd dramatic, innovative touch here and there, all designed to lift your event above the norm.

Indeed Masquerade is all about turning events into experiences, where actors, guests, entertainers and attractions all combine in a dynamic live action performance that will enthuse, enthral and entertain. Some people call it the ‘wow’ factor, others the ‘M’ factor but to us, it’s just that thing we do. The creative zest, the imagination, the artistry, this is what sets Masquerade apart – and it’s what appeals to a blue-chip client list tired of conventional choices. And before you worry that this may be just too ‘way out’ for you and your sales conference or corporate AGM, remember that we tailor our talents and develop our treatments to suit the occasion. Just as long as originality and flair are on your agenda…

Dr M will let you into a little secret now. When he started out, he threw away the rulebook and instead told himself to always hold two thoughts close. One, creativity has no point unless it is relevant and appropriate. Two, an event is something you attend; an experience is something you savour.

Stay a while and check out our new website that offers the complete production service and some of the most exciting extreme events you could dream of with Masquerade.